Core Energetics

A psychotherapeutic modality that bridges body psychotherapy with spiritual development, supports you to evolve into your most authentic self and re-find joy of living.


Core Energetics was developed in the early 1970’s by the late John Pierrakos, M.D. Combining the spiritual concepts of Pathwork with the body psychotherapy techniques of Bioenergetics. The unique integrative approach facilitates evolution and growth of an entire person, providing an evolutionary process that not only dissolves the original wounds but also helps you evolve into the authentic self, transforming negativity and fear into love. Together with the practitioner, it helps to restore your core life energy which is the flow of health and vitality manifesting as pleasure, joy and love. It is especially effective when you are committed to the expressive techniques and genuinely wanting things to be different.

Working with suppressed energy and emotion to reconnect with the truth of our experience exactly as it was, to feel the disowned feelings; to express what could not be expressed. In doing so, we take ownership of the energy we had to disown. We discover that what we imagined we had to avoid at all costs, turns out to be an illusion. We do not die from the pain, or the feelings, or the consciousness but quite the contrary, we come through to the other side, transformed, feeling more courageous and more alive than we were before and more importantly having access to a greater range of emotions and we don’t get stuck in any of them.

As energy flows freely in and through the body we become more grounded and present to what is. Life becomes joyous because we can cry and express freely when we feel the need to, we no longer hold onto the feelings. They flow through us as they are meant to. We experience joy because we come to trust ourselves in our grounded sense of self and truth, as we feel and express our feelings. This in turn creates connection, deepens intimacy with others and enriches the quality of our contact. We feel a greater connectedness to all life, as the life force within us is in continual open exchange with the universal energy field. We are inspired and we experience pleasure in its pure form as a result of the fullness of our embodiment and expression. We can laugh more heartily, love more passionately, and live more dynamically.

Core Energetics provides an evolutionary process to transform the suffering we experience when our energy is fragmented, depleted, or held. The work of Core Energetics is powerful because it addresses the body in breaking through long-held defenses. Cognitive work is simply not enough. The work of Core Energetics is integrative, it unifies mind, body, emotions, sexuality, will, and spirit.  When you show up for the work of Core Energetics, it changes you from the inside out and connects you with your deeper purpose, so you can live the life you are meant to live.