JoyBeyond™ Coaching

Unique and transformative guidance to reach deep rooted emotional wounds and issue, reclaim your emotional autonomy and confidence, transform from inside out.

Emotion Maturity Awareness

Maturity awareness approach was developed by clinical psychologist Lindsay C. Gibson, PsyD. Help you explore and explain destructive interaction in a way that could free you to live your own best life without being worn out by draining personalities. By understanding and using the concept of emotional maturation to assess people's level of functioning, observe the defining immature signs as they occur, we can see their behaviour in a more objective way, regain our trust in ourselves and get free from the destructive and confusing effects of early programming, develop strategies to communicate inevitable interaction with confidence and peace. Finally, you will be able to recognise people who are capable of genuine emotional intimacy and satisfying communication.

This approach provides enlightening and fun tools that can help you reverse the devastating effect of immature early caregiver, see what you have been up against, strengthen your self-awareness, individuality, your loyalty to your inner world, update and broaden your self-concept and develop an accurate, confident self-image.

Multidimensional health nourishment

Health and vitality is both the foundation and fuel of everything good in life. It is both multidimensional and bio-individual, and nourishment is more than the food on your plate. It contains what nurtures you in multiple areas like physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual in addition to food nutrition. Concepts like primary food and secondary food offer unique views on health, food, relationship, money and career. Health coaching helps you explore your underlying physical and psychological needs that are special and unique to you, what or where makes you feel naturally balanced, energized, help create realistic, sustainable changes from a place of understanding and compassion, elevate your well-being and performance in an interconnected way.

Health Wheel

Primary Food
Primary food is the parts of life that feed your mind, body and spirit OFF the plate. For example, it can be enjoying a pleasant conversation with a dear friend, a walk on the beach, a short pause and rest during working time, a creative project, a fulfilling career or spiritual development. It is important that setting your day in a way which uniquely energizes and grounds you rather than follow other people’s routines. In cases where there is dysfunction and trauma it can lead to many maladaptive habits, integrating health and nourishment oriented activities and choices, helps you reframe your health and eventually aim to reverse the effect of past trauma on your overall well-being.

Secondary Food
Secondary food is the food ON your plate, which is the food we eat every day. The emphasis on food nourishment is both bio-individual and supportive of multidimensional health. Tuning into curiosity to your food preferences and aspects of secondary food that works for you. Using food as medicine to create positive and upward chain reaction in your brain and body.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing, founded by Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD in 1998. The absence of dysfunction automatically means optimal functioning. The study is more than just being positive or searching for happiness, it is grounded in robust, scientific evidence and investigates factors that may enhance and also hinder human flourishing and psychological well-being. It helps to elevate your psychological wellness, happiness, leads you to a more fulfilling and successful life.

Sailboat Metaphor

Sailboat framework compares human life functioning to a captain with his or her sailboat on its journey, it simplifies complex psychological constructs and leads a balanced approach. It allows you to navigate different life domains and their functions with a cohesive frame, help you focus on building a life of purpose, rich with meaning. Fostering healthy and positive relationships, facilitate optimal goal achievement and ways to reach your full potential. And you, the captain of your life sailboat, can balancing out your journey with ease and contentment.

Internal Family System

Internal Family System is an evidence-based transformative psychotherapy model founded in the early 1990s by Richard Schwartz, PhD. The radically compassionate psychotherapy model can not only help you gain insight and make sense of human behaviours and trauma but also provide a path to permanent healing. It is believed that the mind is naturally multiple and our inner parts contain valuable qualities and views undesired behaviours as a part of the person and not entity. Parts such as inner critic, self-sabotage, anger, addiction, disassociation, depression which we may perceive as negative in our society actually have the most loving intention to try and protect heroically a younger wounded part of you that is holding burdens regardless the probable impact. In IFS, there are no bad parts and all parts are welcome, and most importantly the core self knows how to heal and allow us to become integrated and whole again.


Younger self that froze and stuck in the past, holding burdens such as emotional pain, negative beliefs and energies weren’t aware or able to express during the distressing event.

Protector Part

Parts of you have taken on a role that is usually against their true nature, in order to protect an exile to not feel the overwhelming pain.

Manager: Proactive parts that actively manage in order to not feel the pain of an exile. Common parts such as inner criticism, people pleasing, self-sabotage, controlling, depression, physical pain.

Firefighter: Reactive Parts that jump out when the manager part is not enough to sooth the pain of an exile. Typical examples such as anger, eating disorder, compulsion, self-harm, suicidality.


The essence traits of our divine core that we are born with.
8C’s & 5P’s: Confidence, Curiosity, Calm, Compassion, Creativity, Courageous, Connected, Clarity, Playfulness, Presence, Perspective, Patience, Persistence.

Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory is a revolutionary study that helps us to understanding the effects and changes in the Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) in relation to trauma, introduced in 1994 by Stephen W. Porges. ANS contains three hierarchical states: Safe-and-Connected (ventral vagal), Fight-or-Flight (sympathetic) and Freeze-and-Shutdown (dorsal vagal). When we repetitively experience overwhelming events that are beyond what normally our body can tolerate or express at once, the ANS gets stuck in between sympathetic and dorsal vagal with a neuroception of danger and life threat. With techniques and tools that helps regulate, discharge stuck energies that weren’t able to process within the body, it can help you to restore your sense of safety, connection and optimal functioning.