Internal Family System Coaching

A life-changing tool that empowers and promotes self-leadership.

Internal Family System is an evidence-based transformative psychotherapy model founded in the early 1990s by Richard Schwartz, PhD. It is a tool that conceives every human being as a system of protective and wounded inner parts lead by a core self. It provides a path to permanent healing with complete acceptance of our inner system.

In IFS, we believe that the mind is naturally multiple and our inner parts contain valuable qualities, we view undesired behaviours as a part of the person and not entity. Parts such as inner critic, self-sabotage, anger, addiction, disassociation, depression which we may perceive as negative in reality have the most loving intention to try and protect a wounded younger part of you that is holding pain regardless the probable impact. In IFS, there are no bad parts and all parts are welcome, and most importantly the core self already knows how to heal and allow us to become integrated and whole again. More than a psychotherapy model, it is also a way of understanding personal and intimate relationships and stepping into life with the essence of who we are/ self-leadership.


Younger self that froze and stuck in the past, holding burdens such as emotional pain, negative beliefs and energies weren’t aware or able to express during the distressing event.

Protector Part

Parts of you have taken on a role that is usually against their true nature, in order to protect an exile to not feel the overwhelming pain.

Manager: Proactive parts that actively manage in order to not feel the pain of an exile. Common parts such as inner criticism, people pleasing, self-sabotage, controlling, depression, physical pain.

Firefighter: Reactive Parts that jump out when the manager part is not enough to sooth the pain of an exile. Typical examples such as anger, eating disorder, compulsion, self-harm, suicidality.


The essence traits of the self that we are born with.
8C’s & 5P’s: Confidence, Curiosity, Calm, Compassion, Creativity, Courageous, Connected, Clarity, Playfulness, Presence, Perspective, Patience, Persistence.